Sunday, August 23, 2009

Less than forty-eight hours!

Oh man, less than forty-eight hours until I am on the plane heading towards France! Wow that has come so fast. It was November 17th 2008 that I had my first interview, and now I' leaving. This is so surreal. It's so hard to believe that I'm leaving Canada in less than forty eight hours for an entire year!! Wish Me Luck!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

let's stay till summertime ends, together. ♥

Okay, the weekend of the 23-24 of may we had our last official meeting of all the d. 7080 exchange students of this year. I would get into details about the days because the information sessions were not that interesting. But Sunday was the day that counted. This had to be one of the most heart breaking days I have ever been through. Everyone, and I mean that literally, was crying, it was so sad. Then Luis sang his song once more and that made it even worse, although that is now a song I'll look back on and it'll remind me of all of the amazing inbounds.

I have also recieved my package from France. I found out one of my host families and also the school that I'll be going to. I'm getting pretty excited now, 84 days.
This is also the time though that it's finally setting in that, chances are I won't see alot of the inbounds again unless I win the lottery and have a whack of money to travel all over the world and it sucks to finally realize this, it hadn't even crossed my mind the past four months since I had met everyone. This is going to be an emotional summer, on so many levels.

A bientôt,

Monday, April 27, 2009

... patience is a virtue i dont have.

So I am STILL waiting to find out about my host family, city and all that good stuff. It's been like a month and still nothing ! This is a waiting game, that I don' want to play. :P Oh well, I guess I have to. Hopefully something this week?

Many of the YE kids also went to Niagara Falls this weekend, it was soo fun. We were there for about six hours or so. Luckily, I didn't get burnt. I can't say the same for poor Megan. :P After that all of us went back to Bernds house and about twenty of us spent the night. Good night with amazing people.

Until I find out more information, bisous !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching you guys up ...

Well. a couple days ago I found out what district I'm going to ... 1680 !!
I'm not sure what city is, but it's beside the swiss alps, so skiing this winter !
What else ... my mom paid the insurance, so I'll get some forms in the mail soon, with hopefully my city information it. :)
Also, I'm leaving August 25th, and arrive in my district hopefully around 9 a.m.

That's all for now !

Monday, February 23, 2009

France !

Well I figured that I should probably start writing in this, seeing as I'm going to France in approx. five months! I'll start from the beginning:

November 2008: I had my first interview with Rotary Brampton, I thought it went really well. Then I got a call saying that it did go well, but when I called John Lomax back he said that Meaghan had gotten accepted but he wanted to send my application to Rotary Mississauga. Okay fine, send it. I knew that I did well at my second interview, they laughed and joked around. I was so sure I was in. And obviously I got accepted.

January 2009: This is when the Bolton meeting was held, and it was also where we got to meet each other for the first time, well everyone but Kenzie, whom we met at a later date. I was so nervous when I got my name called for the first out of four mini interviews. In between we had "mini games," I guess you could call them where we basically got to know more about each other than just our names.

February 2009: The Beginning 1-4; Those four days were dedicated to Wanakita! I have to say that was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Meeting those close to forty inbounds and outbounds has surely changed my life. The activities we did, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and even that six hour snowshoe trek helped me realize just how amazing they were. Especially when we were skiing and I skidded down the hill on my stomach, no one laughed, even though I'm sure they were preoccupied talking amongst themselves. Those kids from around the world will always mean something to me, no matter how cheesy that sounds.

February 22nd: The day the world changed.

I gotta say, that I was not expecting this day to come so fast! I remember in Bolton, Beth saying how there was like fifty days until the 22nd. And as I was counting down, it did really hit me until I realized that i was no longer writing double digits on my facebook, or msn, they were finally single! When the day came, I think that my mom was more excited then I was. (to be honest she still is!) When we, my mom, dad sister, my sisters boyfriend, my best friend Yolanda and myself got there we found a table and sat down. I relaxed for while and then I started mingling with my new found friends, that was when I realized that chances are they aren't going to be in the same country as me! Further along in the day they started calling us up. One of the first countries to go was South Africa, I heard my dad say "yes!" under his breath (sorry Kenzie!) he really didn't want me to go there. I was in the second group to get called, I didn't keep count of who was going where so I couldn't even begin to guess where I was going. I got up there, took a deep breath and opened my envelope ... France! Although it wasn't one of my top choices, I am so seriously excited for it!

So, I am counting down the months until I get to leave and begin a whole new life in France. I can not wait!

xx bisous (thanks for unintentionally teaching me that Brandi!)